Editorial Fashion Shoot

A real fun, stress free editorial shoot.  Always a joy working with this great regional publication. The staff at Hudson Valley Magazine are always so creative.  Everyone worked together so well. The Stylist, Make up, Art Direction etc. Maybe because the air conditioning was actually working on this shoot.  Long story........ Anyway, thanks again ! 


A New Exciting Camera


This great little camera has enabled me to reinvent the way I approach people documenting a story, or just grabbing some wonderful street shots. It's small, non threatening, and because of its black color, hardly visible. A great stealth device.  It is a dream walking without the large SLRs and lens hanging from my shoulder.   It shoots large files in RAW. A great camera for everyone. The Fuji  X-Pro 1. Pictured here with an optional adapter to fit my old manual Nikor  glass.